We value your business as a CLARKE® customer, and more importantly, value your trust in our company.  CLARKE® is committed to engaging with our industry partners to proactively prevent fraudulent remittances. 

Please be extra vigilant of fraudulent activity during these coming months as many companies are focused on making arrangements to address the COVID-19 pandemic like remote work/from home arrangements.  Criminals are likely to use these disruptions in routine activities to catch people off-guard. 

As a reminder:

If you receive any communication (i.e. email, letter, etc.), containing a request to change payment remittance instructions to CLARKE® (i.e. wire, ACH, check, etc.), please call Clarke's Credit Manager for Clarke US at 513-771-2200 or Clarke's Credit Manager for Clarke Scotland, Kirsty Morrison, at +44 1236 707551, to immediately verify the accuracy of the information prior to sending any funds.

Thank you in advance for your diligence and cooperation.



Download a copy of Clarke's Accounts Payable Fraud Statement

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