Check the chart below for important engine fluid capacity information.  All capacities listed in Quarts (Liters).  Oil Capacities are WITH filter change. 

*Anti-freeze & water must be premixed prior to installing. Never use automotive type coolant such as ASTM D3306 & D4656.

JU4H-NL2815.0 (14.2)SAE 15-W40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL2015.0 (14.2)SAE 15-W40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL2215.0 (14.2)SAE 15-W40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL5015.0 (14.2)SAE 15-W40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL5215.0 (14.2)SAE 15-W40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL1416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL2416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL3416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL4416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NL5416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4H-NLK416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]15 (14.2)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL0915.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL1115.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL1316.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL1915.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL2115.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL2316.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL4015.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL4915.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL5115.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU4R-NL5316.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]20 (19)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL3019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL3219.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL5019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL5219.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL6019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL6219.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL3419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLM419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLR419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL5419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL7419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL8419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NL9419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAPG32.3 (30.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAQ832.3 (30.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKARG32.3 (30.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAS032.3 (30.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAT819.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAT019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-NLKAT219.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAD919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAD119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA2919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA3119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA3319.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
19.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAM919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAM119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA5719.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA4919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA5119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA5319.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA5919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA6119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAPF19.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAQ719.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKARF19.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAS919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKA8319.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAG719.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAL719.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAL919.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAL119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JU6R-NLKAL119.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]43 (40.7)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NL3030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]22 (21)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NL4030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NL5030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NL6030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NLAAM830.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]25.9 (24.5)ASTM D6210
JW6H-NLAA8030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]25.9 (24.5)ASTM D6210
JX6H-NL3042.3 (40)SAE 15W-40 [1]29.6 (28)ASTM D6210
JX6H-NL4042.3 (40)SAE 15W-40 [1]29.6 (28)ASTM D6210
JX6H-NL5042.3 (40)SAE 15W-40 [1]29.6 (28)ASTM D6210
JX6H-NL6042.3 (40)SAE 15W-40 [1]29.6 (28)ASTM D6210
JX6H-NL7042.3 (40)SAE 15W-40 [1]29.6 (28)ASTM D6210
DP6H-NLKAX819.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DP6H-NLKA8819.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DP6H-NLKA6219.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DP6H-NLKA7019.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DP6H-NLKA5019.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA5026.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA6026.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA8826.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA9826.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA4G26.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-NLKA4826.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DR8H-NLKA4028.5 (27.0)SAE 15W-4035.1 (33.2)ASTM D6210
DR8H-NLKA5G28.5 (27.0)SAE 15W-4035.1 (33.2)ASTM D6210
DR8H-NLKA6828.5 (27.0)SAE 15W-4035.1 (33.2)ASTM D6210
DR8H-NLKA6228.5 (27.0)SAE 15W-4035.1 (33.2)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKAM034.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKAN034.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKA6834.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKA6034.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKA9834.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DS0H-UFKA9234.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA5839.1 (37.0)SAE 15W-4048.8 (46.2)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA5039.1 (37.0)SAE 15W-4048.8 (46.2)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA6035.4 (33.5)SAE 15W-4086.6 (82)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA8839.1 (37.0)SAE 15W-4048.8 (46.2)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA9835.4 (33.5)SAE 15W-4086.6 (82)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA9235.4 (33.5)SAE 15W-4086.6 (82)ASTM D6210
DT2H-NLKA2039.1 (37.0)SAE 15W-4048.8 (46.2)ASTM D6210
IK4H-NL409.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4015 (14)ASTM D6210
IK4H-NL509.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4015 (14)ASTM D6210
IK4R-NL409.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4015 (14)ASTM D6210
IK4R-NL499.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4015 (14)ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL2011.7 (11.0)SAE 15W-4019 (18)ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL3011.7 (11.0)SAE 15W-4019 (18)ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL4016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19) ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL5016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19) ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL6016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19) ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL6616.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-40Consult Factory ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL7016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4022 (21)ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL7616.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-40Consult Factory ASTM D6210
IK6H-NL8016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4022 (21)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL299.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4015 (14)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL3916.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL4916.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL5916.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL6516.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-40Consult FactoryASTM D6210
IK6R-NL6916.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4022 (21)ASTM D6210
IK6R-NL7516.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-40Consult FactoryASTM D6210
IK6R-NL7916.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4022 (21)ASTM D6210
IK6W-NL4016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6W-NL5016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6W-NL6016.0 (15.0)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IL6H-NL40Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IL6H-NL70Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IM6H-NL20Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IM6H-NL40Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IM6H-NL70Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IN8H-NL50Consult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult FactoryConsult Factory
IK4H-LP509.0 (8.5)SAE 15W-4017 (16) ASTM D6210
IK6H-LP3011.7 (11.0)SAE 15W-4019 (18)ASTM D6210
IK6H-LP6016 (15)SAE 15W-4020 (19)ASTM D6210
IK6H-LP8016 (15)SAE 15W-4022 (21)ASTM D6210
JU4H-LP2015.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-LP2416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-LP5015.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-LP5416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-LPL416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-LP5019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-LP5419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-LP6019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-LP8419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-AP5015.0 (14.2)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU4H-AP5416.0 (15.1)SAE 15W-40 [1]13.2 (12.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP3019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40[1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP3419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40[1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP5019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40[1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP5419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40[1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP6019.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JU6H-AP8419.7 (18.6)SAE 15W-40 [1]19.5 (18.5)ASTM D6210
JW6H-AP3030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]22 (21)ASTM D6210
JW6H-AP4030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210
JW6H-AP5030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210
JW6H-AP6030.1 (28.5)SAE 15W-40 [1]23 (22)ASTM D6210

DP6H-APKA6019.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DP6H-APKA7019.8 (18.7)SAE 15W-4025.7 (24.3)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-APKA6026.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DQ6H-APKA9026.9 (25.5)SAE 15W-4032.8 (31)ASTM D6210
DR8H-APKA6028.5 (27.0)SAE 15W-4035.1 (33.2)ASTM D6210
DS0H-APKA6034.9 (33.0)SAE 15W-4043.3 (41)ASTM D6210

[1] Comes filled with John Deere break-in oil (TY22041) which should be used to make up any oil
consumed during the first year. 

[2] Use an ethylene glycol coolant (low silicate formulation) that meets the standard of ASTM E1177 or propylene glycol that meets ASTM D6210 requirements.  Use of propylene glycol requires addition of CAT SCA (Supplemental Coolant Additive) to prevent liner cavitation.



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